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Ask Hytrol: How to Set the Speed on the E24i™ Motor

Posted by Hytrol Training on Jul 19, 2017 9:38:00 AM

In today's Ask Hytrol video, we're going to demonstrate how to set the speed using the dip switches on the E24i™ motor.  There are six numbered dip switches located on the E24i motor. When the dip switches are aligned on the right, they are in the ON position. When they are aligned on the left, they are in the OFF position. Switches 1 and 2 are read only at power up, which means any changes to the switches will not work until the power is cycled to the E24i™.

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Creating a Safe Work Environment with 5S

Posted by Andy Stickler on Jul 12, 2017 4:56:00 PM

070517_5S_BlogGraphic-01.pngOne of the foundational cornerstones of workplace safety is good housekeeping. In simple terms, you need a well-organized, clean workplace that is free of clutter and congestion. The 5S methodology is foundationally the same as the principle of good housekeeping. In fact, these two cornerstones have very much in common. Just as you cannot achieve true workplace safety without good housekeeping, you will never achieve true implementation of all Lean principles without 5S.

The 5S methodology is an organizational strategy consisting of five stages to maintain an orderly workspace with visual cues. Translated from Japanese, these stages represent "sort," "stabilize" or "set in order," "shine," "standardize," and "sustain." Simply put, 5S really is a foundation for both workplace safety and the principles of Lean manufacturing.

So, where does safety fit into 5S? It's integrated into each step of the process.

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Employee Spotlight: Sherrod "Rod" Schofield as Focus Factory Manager

Posted by Rachel Simpson on Jul 5, 2017 4:52:00 PM

Rod.jpgEditor's Note: The Employee Spotlights are monthly blog posts highlighting one of Hytrol's employees presented in a Q&A style format. We want to showcase how Hytrol's company culture is fueled by our great employees. If you would like to nominate a Hytrol employee, please email with the subject line "Employee Spotlight."


About Sherrod "Rod" Schofield

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I'm a focus factory manager and the manager of manufacturing/controls engineers and the finishing system. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with family, golf, and cooking. I live with my spouse, Michelle Schofield, M.D., our daughter, Madison and our dog, Kojak. 

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Loberg Day Q&A with Ruth (Loberg) Poston

Posted by Rachel Simpson on Jun 29, 2017 5:02:00 PM

Loberg camping crop.jpg

Editor's Note: In honor of this year's Loberg Day festivities celebrating our late founder and the values he held dear, one of Tom Loberg's children, Ruth (Loberg) Poston shared her thoughts about her father and his legacy. 

What was Tom like as a father? How was he at home and/or at work?

He was a hardworking, responsible father. Strict, but loving. He was honest and wanted to set a good example for us. He would never ask us to do anything that he wasn't willing or capable of doing himself. There were two things in Dad's life that were very important to him: God and family. Our family would attend church twice every Sunday. As a former high school trumpet player and drum major, he loved music. Some mornings, my siblings and I would be woken up by Dad playing marches written by John Philips Sousa. He wanted to share his love of music, which is why he encouraged us to join the band at school.

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Ask Hytrol: How to Replace a Drop-In Pulley

Posted by Jonathan Noell on Jun 20, 2017 3:25:00 PM


Today, we're going to demonstrate how simple it is to replace a drop-in pulley. With its quick-change capabilities, this pulley's drop-in design allows for minimal downtime on the production floor. This style of pulley can be found on the induction units of models ProSort 100, ProSort 400, before and after the divert buckets on the ProSort SC, and on the model Gapper.

Here's how to replace a drop-in pulley:

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Why Corporate Stability Matters

Posted by Bob West on Jun 12, 2017 9:30:00 AM

stability-1.pngCompanies execute acquisitions so that each can create more value more quickly—it's risky, since about half of those fail before they get off the ground. But, even in the case of successfully being acquired, there can be pitfalls for a company and its customers.

It's because of those pitfalls that Hytrol has never considered being acquired. It's not just the risk involved—you don't find the success that we've had without taking risks. It's because we know exactly how we create value for our customers and our employees, and being acquired just isn't consistent with the way we create it.

This is the way Hytrol chooses to do business, and the way we'll choose to do business for years to come.

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Employee Spotlight: Cliff Mullis as Director of Systems Business Development

Posted by Rachel Simpson on Jun 7, 2017 4:52:00 PM

Cliff.jpgEditor's Note: The Employee Spotlights are monthly blog posts highlighting one of Hytrol's employees presented in a Q&A style format. We want to showcase how Hytrol's company culture is fueled by our great employees. If you would like to nominate a Hytrol employee, please email with the subject line "Employee Spotlight."


About Cliff Mullis

I am from Jonesboro, Arkansas and have spent most of my life here. When I was younger, I lived in McCleansville, North Carolina for five years. I am married to Tracy and we have four children, 15-year-old Mason, 11-year-old Brayden, 3-year-old Jax, and 2-month-old Hattie. When I'm not at my desk, I enjoy working around the family farm, riding horses and doing software development.

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Providing the Human Touch in an Automated Customer Service Industry

Posted by Tony Sartin on May 25, 2017 3:35:00 PM

Friendly Customer CareWe've all been there before: calling into a support center expecting a live person to answer when an automated voice answers instead. After following the vocal prompts and being misunderstood by the machine and redirected elsewhere to where you just hang up the phone, you end up right where you started--frustrated.

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Ask Hytrol: How to Upgrade the Switch on the ProSort 400

Posted by Jonathan Noell on May 18, 2017 10:50:00 AM


In today's Ask Hytrol, we're going to discuss how to upgrade your ProSort 400's switch to the latest configuration. First, remove the hex bolt on the rubber bushing mounting bracket. Disconnect the green airlines from the fittings on the cylinder. Loosen the jam nut on the cylinder rod so that the cylinder may unscrew from the rod end. Unscrew the rubber bushing from the cylinder's base. Once the old bushing is removed, add a drop of thread locker onto the new bushing stud and screw the stud tightly into the back of the cylinder. Hytrol recommends allowing the thread locker to cure for approximately 15 minutes.

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David Peacock: Redefining Our Parcel Business with Silver Cell

Posted by David Peacock on May 13, 2017 11:24:00 AM

David Peacock

It's clear--consumers today are demanding more, thanks in part to the expectations set by e-commerce companies like Amazon. With this online retail growth, parcel companies are feeling the pressure.

They are expected to deliver more packages, do so quicker and at an ever-increasing level of efficiency. Material handling manufacturers must address this ongoing growth with parcel customers. Hytrol foresaw this trend and took the steps to prepare and support our integration partners and customers.

With that said, I'd like to introduce our Silver Cell.

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