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Loberg Day Q&A with Ruth (Loberg) Poston

Posted by Rachel Simpson on Jun 29, 2017 5:02:00 PM

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Editor's Note: In honor of this year's Loberg Day festivities celebrating our late founder and the values he held dear, one of Tom Loberg's children, Ruth (Loberg) Poston shared her thoughts about her father and his legacy. 

What was Tom like as a father? How was he at home and/or at work?

He was a hardworking, responsible father. Strict, but loving. He was honest and wanted to set a good example for us. He would never ask us to do anything that he wasn't willing or capable of doing himself. There were two things in Dad's life that were very important to him: God and family. Our family would attend church twice every Sunday. As a former high school trumpet player and drum major, he loved music. Some mornings, my siblings and I would be woken up by Dad playing marches written by John Philips Sousa. He wanted to share his love of music, which is why he encouraged us to join the band at school.

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Lessons We Learned from Tom Loberg

Posted by Robert Jones on Jul 1, 2016 9:04:22 AM

Tom LobergThis blog post was written by the Chairman of Hytrol's Board of Directors as part of our celebration of Loberg Day, in which we honor the legacy of our late founder, Tom Loberg. Tom believed in servant leadership, in empathy and in family. He routinely gave his time and resources to his community, both within Hytrol and the Jonesboro area. As someone who believed in the importance of relationships, Tom wanted his employees to feel like part of a family; he often referred to the company as “The Hytrol Family,” and this is a tradition that continues today. 


What was Tom Loberg’s leadership style?  I readily admit that many others are better equipped to report on personal observations of how Tom led.  So many of our current employees or retirees – especially those who are honored on the 40 year pillars in the front office – had much better and more plentiful opportunities to see Tom in action.  But my observations during the relatively brief period I worked directly for and with him continue to provide tools I use in the service of his company: Hytrol.  I am pleased to have the opportunity to share these, especially for those who didn’t have the opportunity to know Tom and see him in action.

There are three hallmarks of Tom’s style that have come to me over that period: empathy, humility and gratitude. 


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