Great experiences are the result of a company dedicated to providing positive customer interactions at every level. When it comes to delivering a superior experience, companies need to fully understand the items that customers truly value. Once companies identify their value propositions, they can begin to work on tools and processes that raise the level of the customer experience. A tool that has proven to do this well within the B2C realm is the mobile app. The good news for companies that operate primarily within the B2B market is that apps can perform well there, too. Hytrol believes that its Toolbox app conveys a positive experience by streamlining the information process for customers.

When it comes to the value of an app, it is important to assess the target user. Start by gaining a full understanding of why he or she will want to use your tool. Next make the app free, if possible, because it will eliminate any true barriers to entry. Lastly, if you are going to position your app as a win for the customer, then it better deliver the results. These factors and many more were considered when Hytrol developed its Toolbox app.


How can a mobile app add value for B2B customers?

  • Save time and streamline processes

  • Provide knowledgeable and seamless interface

  • Grant instant access to necessary information


Save time and streamline fundamental processes

We all know that time is one of the most precious assets within a business. With that in mind, companies can really add value for customers by decreasing the time it takes to conduct business. Take the example of a process that includes: manual data collection, waiting time between collecting and delivering the data, and potential phone calls for data verification. It becomes easy to see how creating a tool to streamline this process will make for a positive customer interaction.


Provide knowledgeable and seamless interface

In business, knowledge equals power. When you provide a tool that makes the customer more knowledgeable about their operations, you increase the opportunity for their business to be successful. It’s not uncommon for a company to offer mobile opportunities for proprietary systems, but there are aspects of this approach that aren’t always favorable for the customer. Due to the hidden costs, customers may end up feeling like they are renting the opportunity to get to the information quicker and easier. It works better if it follows the approach of teaching a person to fish, as opposed to giving them a fish. Smarter customers typically translate into happier customers.


Grant instant access to necessary information

The first two areas are great, but only if you make it easy to access. The convenience of using a mobile device can be a differentiating factor for the customer. Start by developing the tool to work on all major platforms of smart phone. Don’t stop with just smart phones. Go ahead and add tablet devices to your app offering. The app will become a one-stop shop for individuals who use both a smart phone and a tablet. Businesses need to make sure their tool is everywhere the customers want them to be, and the best way to achieve that is a mobile app for all devices and platforms.


Make the customer a winner

If your app does all that it promises to do, your company has made the customer a winner, and by conveying that level of customer experience you stand a good chance of having a brand champion for many years to come. 


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Interested in learning more about Hytrol's Toolbox app? Watch the video below!

 Conveying Positive Customer Experience with Apps



 Hytrol Toolbox App

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About the Author:

Phillip Poston currently serves as the Manager of Marketing for Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc, a world leader in advanced material handling solutions. He brings more than 15 years of marketing and material handling knowledge to the industry.