How to Tension the Chain on the Connex™AL Series

The plastic chain on the Connex™ AL series stretches naturally over time, and may need to be tensioned.

You can determine when your chain needs to be tensioned by listening to and watching your conveyor. A loose chain is signified by noise and inconsistent chain movement.

Tension your chain using the following steps.

Using proper lockout tagout procedures, remove the motor fan cap to expose the fan wheel.

Lock the chain with the Connex™ screw clamp and spin the fan wheel to create slack. Fan wheels on the Connex™ line are varied in their installation direction, so spin the fan wheel slowly to determine which way creates less tension.

On a piece of top flight at the drive end, use polygrip pliers to unsnap the tabs and remove the piece. Now, remove the exposed pin and the chain link.

Unsnap the top flight of the next piece to expose the pin insert opening. Ensure the pivot plug is properly installed with the slot side facing upward. Align the openings in the chain body and insert the connecting pin with the polygrip pliers. Reassemble the top flight until it snaps back into place.

Stretch the chain by again spinning the fan wheel. Reassemble the fan cap and remove the Connex™ clamp. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure periodically, as chain stretch occurs.

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