Ask Hytrol: How to Interpret Hytrol’s Match Mark Decals

Hytrol’s match mark decals signify how multiple conveyor units have been engineered for setup. They also have a printed QR code which references the Factory Order Number.

Each decal is printed with a letter and an arrow, signifying the discharge or infeed end of each bed section. An arrow pointed to the right signifies the discharge end, and an arrow pointed to the left signifies the infeed end.

When setting up your equipment, match the corresponding letters of the conveyors. For example, a conveyor marked “A” connects to another conveyor marked with an “A,” and so forth.

The QR code on the conveyor can be scanned using the Hytrol Toolbox app. Scanning this code will bring up the Factory Order number and a spare parts list for the order, simplifying your spare parts selections.

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