Ask Hytrol: How to Adjust the ProSort SC Divert Bank

Ask Hytrol is our monthly video series focused on specific topics to help you maintain your conveyor system and learn about new technology. In this video, you will learn how to adjust the ProSort SC divert bank.

Following proper lock out/tag out procedures, loosen the two jam nuts on both sides of the divert bank. Next, turn the adjustment bolt clockwise to lower the divert bank or counterclockwise to raise it.

A straight edge or level should be used to ensure proper alignment of the divert bank. Measuring from the infeed side, the divert bank should be adjusted to a height of 5/32 (0.15625) inch above the top of the belt. The measurement should be taken where the belt is touching the bed. Please note that the height of the divert bank should be feathered at a slight upward angle to ensure a smooth transition of product.  

Upon final adjustment of the divert bank, tighten all jam nuts back into place. 

For more conveyor maintenance tips and information, please contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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