Ask Hytrol: How to Replace Slats and Shoes on the ProSort 400

From time to time, you may need to replace slats or shoes on the ProSort 400.

Following proper lock-out tag-out procedures, begin by removing the chain dust cover with a 5/32 Allen wrench.

Next, use the flat ProSort tool to pick up the chain. Then, use the angled ProSort tool to pull the chain away from the slat you want to replace.

Once the chain is disconnected from the slat, pull the slat toward you to completely remove it from the chain assembly. Then, slide the shoe off the end of the slat.

With the slat removed, take some time to perform a brief inspection on the inside of the sorter and check for any debris. If the slat or shoe are being replaced due to damage, it is important that any broken pieces be removed from the conveyor prior to start up.  To aid in removal, Hytrol provides an access panel at the infeed end where most debris will accumulate.

To install the new slat, slide it back into position. Make sure the tapered side of the slat is facing the discharge end of the ProSort. Once the slat is in place, slide on the shoe. Then, use flat ProSort tool to pick up the chain and the angled ProSort tool to position the chain. Align the pegs with the slat and insert them securely.

Note that you aren’t required to position the shoe. Once the ProSort resumes power, the shoe will work itself into the track.

For more maintenance tips and information, contact your Hytrol solutions provider. 


  1. I have a new shoe sorter , need to know how and what the yellow parts are used for on model 1400

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