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Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn is Hytrol Conveyor Company’s Vice President of Operations. He is responsible for all logistics operations of the company.

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Hytrol is in the business of manufacturing, and look—people often have the wrong idea about it. There have been some alarming studies out there about what people think of when they think about careers in manufacturing. They think it’s dirty work. They think it’s not exciting. They think it’s not well-paying. But here’s some news: that is simply not true about today’s industry. Take a look at these common misconceptions—and what manufacturing means today.  
Industry Trends
2016 was one of the best years in Hytrol history. We overcame challenges in the influx of business, diversified our markets, grew our workforce and invested in our relationships.
  If you haven’t thought of a manufacturing career as a top choice for your future, you’re not alone. Manufacturing is at once both critically important and misunderstood. It’s a career that requires skill, thought, and creativity, but has a hard time shedding the misperception that has plagued it for years. The United States needs more manufacturing workers, but the misperception that these are dead-end jobs with back-breaking work has created issues with recruitment—especially in recent years....
In today’s competitive, consumer-driven landscape, companies have to find ways to streamline operations and deliver products even more quickly. The name of the game is speed and efficiency.    In order to meet rising customer expectations, however, companies must do more than keep current with the status quo – they must perform at peak levels of efficiency and drive continuous process improvements across the organization.   Lean manufacturing drives ongoing improvements in cost, quality, service...