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Dabney Weems

Dabney Weems

Dabney Weems is Hytrol's Marketing Specialist, where she handles a variety of email, blog, social media, and other content-driven marketing efforts. A Louisiana native, she has more than 14 years of experience in communications. You can reach Dabney at

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Fedway Associates is a New Jersey-based wine and spirits wholesaler with a rich history. The company got its start in 1933 after prohibition. Today, it services licensed package stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the state. The company currently operates in a state-of-the-art 539,000-square-foot distribution facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Prior to 2012, Fedway was operating in Kearny, New Jersey with a Hytrol system that was nearly 20 years old. As they began looking for updated soluti...
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The largest manufacturing and supply chain expo of 2018, MODEX, is coming up quickly. The show is April 9-12 in Atlanta, and with more than 850 exhibits and 100 educational sessions, you could find yourself overwhelmed with your choices. A little planning will help you make the most of your MODEX experience. Use the following quick tips to make sure you utilize your time wisely.