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Phillip Poston

Phillip Poston

Phillip Poston currently serves as the Director of Strategic Planning for Hytrol, a world leader in advanced material handling solutions. He has nearly 20 years of material handling knowledge to offer to the Hytrol network and to our customers.

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It’s difficult to separate yourself from running the business to work on changing the business. That’s something I heard early in my role in strategic planning, and it has stuck with me. Running the business requires a lot of effort and focus, and often people forget to think about what happens 5 or 10 years down the line. That’s where strategic planning comes in. The goal of strategic planning is to define the vision for your company and help you get there. It helps you create the processes, te...
At Hytrol, we believe we create the best material handling systems in the world, but we also believe that businesses are only as strong as the people—and the relationships—that support them. Strong businesses have been the foundation for Hytrol’s success. We have worked for more than 70 years to build solid connections with our customers, integration partners and employees. Some of these dealings have produced new product designs, helped us permeate new markets and crafted innovative solutions f...
Great experiences are the result of a company dedicated to providing positive customer interactions at every level. When it comes to delivering a superior experience, companies need to fully understand the items that customers truly value. Once companies identify their value propositions, they can begin to work on tools and processes that raise the level of the customer experience. A tool that has proven to do this well within the B2C realm is the mobile app. The good news for companies that ope...