Hytrol offers three seminars for our end users, to help you learn about your equipment and to network with Hytrol employees. Training with Hytrol is free. You get here and we’ll cover the rest, from food to lodging.

Find and enroll in the seminar you’re most interested in below. If we don’t have room left in a seminar, we will contact you and put you on a waiting list if you choose to do so.

  • Free
  • Hands-on activities
  • Instructor-led
  • Hytrol networking


An in-depth look at zero-accumulation, with exercises on real-world programming and troubleshooting schenarios.
– 2.5 days
– Components
– Sensing methods
– Functionality
– Push-button programming
– IOP Systems
– Practical applications
– Diagnostics


Components, preventative maintenance, and, troubleshooting  for Hytrol’s most popular standard conveyors.
– 2.5 days
– Accumulation conveyors
– Incline conveyors
– Chain conveyors
– Live roller conveyors
– Conveyor safety
– Electrical controls
– EZLogic

Systems Maintenance

Components, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and spare parts for Hytrol’s most popular sortation conveyors.
– 2.5 days
– ProSort series
– Gappers and saw-tooth merges
– ProLogix® and GapLogix®
– Combiners
– Belt transfers
– Power pivot diverters and plows
Note: You must have already attended Hytrol’s Maintenance Seminar to enroll in the Systems Maintenance Seminar

2019 Schedule

Systems Maintenance – March 18-20
Maintenance – April 8-10
EZLogic – April 22-24   
EZLogic – July 15-17
EZLogic – Oct. 7-9
Maintenance Seminar – Oct. 21-23
Maintenance Seminar – Dec. 9-11