David Peacock: Hytrol’s 2016 Outlook

David Peacock, Hytrol PresidentHappy New Year. 2016 is on target to be the best year in Hytrol history. We could not do this without our Hytrol family and team.

Our Hytrol family includes nearly 1000 employees who work hard throughout the year to support our 100+ strategic integration partners, who service thousands of customers and clients year after year.

The landscape of material handling needs has changed as e-commerce booms. Almost half of holiday shopping was done online this past holiday season. This shift has changed the relationship of automation, picking, packing, production, productivity, and throughput. With the boom of same-day delivery growing rapidly, the role of manufacturing in North America offers many exciting opportunities.

After years of offshoring manufacturing, the tide has changed and reshoring is taking place quickly. The need for manufacturers to be agile and respond to real-time demand-driven customer fluctuations means that manufacturing in North America will grow ever stronger over the next five years.

We see this at our own Jonesboro facility, where we are adding 62,000 square feet and approximately 75 new permanent positions. It took a few years to recover from the 2008 recession; we are back stronger than ever and it is with great pride and privilege that I lead this lean manufacturing company to new heights.

We could not grow without our integration partners. They are the public face of Hytrol. They provide a value-added service to each customer, ensuring that the right product is installed every time. They listen, evaluate, and recommend an application that is best for each client.

Each week, I will be taking a few minutes to share with all our stakeholders more about how committed the company is to improving the quality of life with our solutions. It is so much more than just material handling. It is the present opened by a child last week that arrived safely, on time, and unbroken; it is the medicine that arrived in the intensive care unit at a hospital last week that saved someone’s husband or wife. Hytrol changes lives by bringing the best products to real people.

Do you have a story to share about how Hytrol has impacted the quality of life for you or someone you know?

Have a great 2016.

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