Meeting at MODEX: A Who’s Who of Hytrol

Over 30,000 people are expected to attend MHI’s MODEX 2020 tradeshow. Hytrol is bringing an experienced and incredibly knowledgeable group and we’d like you to get to know us before stepping into booth #6605. Our experts range from executives to managers of multiple departments, by creating this diverse attendee list, the team at Hytrol can serve and answer questions to the fullest potential at MODEX.

Leading the team at MODEX is some of Hytrol executives along with our marketing and Integrator Services managers. The leadership of this team offers the highest quality of assistance and expertise.

  • David Peacock is Hytrol’s president. He has been with Hytrol since 2014 and began leading the company in 2015. He can answer any questions relating to Hytrol and how we can help you.
  • Our Vice President of Business Development for National Accounts is Chuck Waddle. He has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He can assist you in growing your market and match you with an integration partner.
  • With the new title of Vice President Business Development, Mitch Smith is our expert on working with our Integration Partner Network and creating connections that serve our end users to the highest ability.
  • Director of Strategic Planning Phillip Poston knows everything and anything about Hytrol, including our new Academic Partnership Initiative and our other work with our local Jonesboro community.
  • Marketing Manager Paige Carswell is Hytrol’s media contact at the event. She can answer questions regarding media coverage or work with Hytrol’s marketing team.
  • Manager of Integrator Services Chris Woodall has more than 20 years of experience at Hytrol and knows the material handling industry and our integrator services.

The business development team will be in full appearance at MODEX. Everyone on this team has unique qualities that excel in the material handling industry.

  • Matt Farris, Director of Business Development, has over 30 years of experience in solidifying relationships with the industry and customer needs. As a MHEDA board member and an expert on Hytrol integration partners, he is available to talk about how Hytrol can connect customers to the one that is best suited for their needs.
  • Mike Lee, our Business Development Specialist, can discuss how to connect with an integration partner. Lee maintains our relationships with our integration partners and connects end users with IPs.
  • George Reyher is responsible for our international accounts. As Director of International Business Development, Reyher can answer questions about how Hytrol conveying solutions can work for companies operating abroad.

Software, controls, and systems are pivotal components of Hytrol. Attending MODEX is four Hytrol team members that each have a wide range of knowledge about the software products that Hytrol offers but also offer specialized experience in respective products.

  • Manager of Electrical and Controls Cole Prince can answer questions regarding Hyrol’s system controls.
  • Bill Maple, Director of Software Solutions, is knowledgeable in our Pivot Warehouse Control Systems and our New PANDA applications.
  • Cliff Mullis is the new Director of Intelligence Solutions. He was recently selected to lead the new Intelligence Solutions group that is the primary contact for all questions regarding the entire EZLogic line of products. Mullis is also experienced in Pivot and other Hytrol software.
  • Seth Elder is our EZ Logic Product Manager. He can answer questions about EZLogic 3, EZLogic 4.0, and the newest addition to the EZ Logic line, EZLogic OS and its mobile app.

Engineering professionals will be at Hytrol’s booth and are available to answer questions relating to engineering practices, technology, customized equipment, and the latest innovations.

  • Brett Lamberson, Facilitator of Systems Project Engineering, can answer questions about how Hytrol can help develop a customized conveyor system that is designed for a company’s personal needs. His team of experts can talk with a customer and work alongside our Integration Partner Network to fulfill the needs of end users.
  • Director of Engineering Ben Moyer can discuss Hytrol’s engineering practices, research & development, and our latest innovations. Moyer builds and leads of team of engineers that continuously work to enhance and create innovative conveying solutions.
  • Chief Engineer Boyce Bonham can discuss all Hytrol conveyors and how they support and work for multiple industries. His team of over 50 engineers works endlessly to provide end users with the highest quality of equipment.
  • Ajit Baridun is our Lead Project Manager. He can discuss potential projects that can be led by one of Hytrol’s project managers. By having a Hytrol project manager, a company can have direct interaction with our engineers that allows for the highest level of customer service.

Part of Hytrol’s mission is to create relationships and we hope make many new partnerships while at MODEX. So please be sure to once again stop by #6605 on March 9-12; our friendly experts will be waiting to meet you.

To help ensure some time with a specific Hytrol expert, schedule a meeting ahead of time. Please go to our MODEX 2020 website to set up a date and time.

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