New Products, Innovative Tech Await MODEX 2020 Attendees

This year at MHI’s MODEX expo, in booth #6605, we will feature the newest additions and latest enhancements that make our products the best in the industry.

Hytrol employees constructing and testing the demonstration loop for MODEX 2020 at the Technology Center.

Along with our virtual and augmented reality tools, we will have a fully functioning conveyor loop demonstrating how the new products and applications work. We will also have meeting rooms in place if you want to discuss further what Hytrol can do for you.

The new products to be featured on the conveyor loop are the ProSort 1100, EZLogic® 4.0 and a section of the new Low-Profile Line. These products will be displayed on a conveyor loop that includes the SBC belt curve, NBEZ, and E24EZC. This loop will also demonstrate the new PANDA and SLAM applications.

ProSort 1100

The new ProSort 1100 is a smaller, high-speed sliding shoe sorter, with a breakaway shoe. It is made to handle smaller items and is useful for eCommerce industries. The breakaway shoe allows for positive diverting while offering run-through-jam-condition functionality.

The slats are designed to clean out debris and have an anti-fall-though rib that prevents products from falling into the sorter. This allows products to be sorted at higher rates without risking crashes or requiring shutdowns.

We wanted to create a ProSort that fit the needs of industries requiring smaller packages to be sorted quickly and efficiently. The ProSort 1100 is suited for the fast pace work of eCommerce and industries that need their products sorted and out the door.

EZLogic® 4.0      

EZLogic 4.0 is the newest generation of EZLogic. This product is ideal for anyone who has large control designs.  It is a real distribution control system with the power of an industrial fieldbus network.  Users can now control two zones with one controller and allow an engineering controls team to interconnect additional digital devices on a single cable to configure large systems.

EZLogic 4.0 makes projects more efficient by enabling remote diagnostics and analytic capability. We wanted to create a program that allowed for higher productivity while lowering installation and operational costs.


The Low-Profile Line allows for simple installation, can be used for multiple applications and is easy to maintain; it makes this an innovative solution for multiple users. It works well with pick and place robotics such as Hytrol’s SLAM or PANDA robotics.

We wanted to create a product that would implement well into systems while offering smooth operation along with precision controls. That way when a package needs to be labeled with a press and apply robotic, we would have an option for that user.


The SBC is Hytrol’s first belted curve. It is available in three angles 45°, 60°, and 90°. It is a shaft-mounted drive and can reach up to 235 feet per minute. The belted curve allows more accurate tracking of packages on a system and is suitable for loose and smaller items.


NBEZ is a Hytrol’s patented narrow belt accumulation conveyor. The NBEZ is all-electric, no pneumatics are needed, and a facility does not require an air supply to be used with the conveyor. Instead of pneumatics, the NBEZ uses magnets. These magnets use very little power and have no moving parts that wear out over time.

This conveyor is ideal for warehouse distribution and eCommerce industries. It is made to handle long runs of densely packed accumulating boxes and packages.


Our Print and Apply Labeling Automation, or PANDA, can perform single or multiple label applicators. The labels can be placed on the side or top and work with Zebra or SAYO print engines. It can be a stand-alone system or integrated with other warehousing automation to create blow-through or indexing conveying equipment.

Virtual Reality Booth

The virtual reality booth will showcase five different virtual environments that allow attendees to see what applications would look like in a facility. The environments include systems from food & beverage, eCommerce, manufacturing, parcel, and our latest addition of an apple orchard distributor.  

The VR booth allows us to connect with attendees and demonstrate what we can do for the multiple industries we support. Attendees are able to see a complete system without having to travel to various locations.

Augmented Reality Maintenance Tool

The Augmented Reality Maintenance Tool (ARM) is an interactive platform that can be used to assist in the maintenance and replacement of machinery. The ARM tool decreases the learning curve for maintenance tasks, helping to eliminate human errors by verifying each step is completed correctly.

At MODEX there will be a demonstration of how the ARM tool is used. A common maintenance action will be demonstrated on a Hytrol E24™ conveyor. There will be three sections of the conveyor in disassembly, and attendees can use the ARM tool to see how to properly perform the action needed on the conveyor.

The conveyor loop, virtual reality booth, and the ARM tool will be on display at booth #6605. MODEX 2020 will be held March 9-12 at the World Congressional Center in Atlanta, Georgia. To schedule a meeting with a Hytrol conveyor expert, visit

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