Ask Hytrol: How to Remove and Install a Belt on the NBEZ

Welcome to Ask Hytrol. Today we are going to discuss how to remove and install a belt on the NBEZ electric accumulator.

Using recommended safety gear and following proper lockout tagout procedures, begin loosening the belt’s tension by unscrewing the spring adjustment nut on the end of the center drive. Use the spring take-up indicator as a guide and loosen the nut until the yellow indicator is seen through the viewing window. This means the belt is loose.

Unfasten the bottom guard on the center drive by removing the 3/8 inch hardware on the bottom and front of the panel.

Next, you will detach the access plate to remove the snub idler in the center drive. Remove 4, 3/8 inch nuts used to secure the plate to the drive channel. The snub idler can now be removed without any tools.

The take-up pulley will be removed next. Slide it toward the drive pulley to clear cam tracks so that it can be detached from its bracket and then through the cut-outs in the bottom flange of the drive channels.

You can now remove the belt from around the take-up pulley and then the tail pulleys.

Next, take the belt out of the upper belt guides. To do this, the belt will need to be maneuvered over the guide bearings at various points over the length of the conveyor. The belt can also be taken from between tread rollers and pressure rollers throughout the length of the conveyor.

The belt can now be completely removed from the conveyor.

You are now ready to install the new belt.

To install it, first, remove rollers in the drive section above the drive and snub idlers.

Insert the belt from the top of conveyor down toward the center drive.

You will wrap the belt around the take-up pulley and reinsert the take-up pulley in its bracket and push it back into its track.

Now, reinsert the snub idler and ensure that the belt is wrapped properly around it. You can refer to the belt installation sticker on the outside of the drive channel for additional assistance with this.

Finally, reattach the snub idler access plate using 3/8 inch hardware.

You can now maneuver the belt over the snub roller toward the conveyor’s infeed and wrap it around the tail pulley. Begin working your way toward the discharge of the conveyor while positioning the belt between upper and lower belt guides until you reach the discharge tail pulley.

Fasten the bottom guard on the center drive using 3/8 inch hardware.

You will use the spring take-up indicator as a guide to tension the belt. Tighten the spring adjustment nut until the black indicator is centered in the viewing window. This means the belt has proper tension. Once the belt is tight, you can reinstall the rollers.

Remove lock-out equipment and power up the conveyor unit.

Start the unit to allow the belt to track.

You have now removed and replaced the belt on an NBEZ electric accumulator.

For more maintenance tips and information, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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