The NBEZ Makes Installing a Conveyor Easier Than Ever and at a Reduced Cost

This is the first of a 3-part series on the NBEZ narrow belt accumulator. Make sure to check out our other blogs in the series.

When designing Hytrol’s first narrow belt accumulation conveyor, engineers focused on not only building a reliable and quality conveyor, but they also made sure they had an economical design as well. The result is the first all-electric narrow belt accumulation conveyor on the market. The design has many cost-saving and operational benefits, and we will take an in-depth look at its benefits in a three-part blog series. This blog will concentrate on the installation benefits.

No Air Supply Needed

Since Hytrol’s NBEZ is all electric, pneumatics are not needed. The facility will not require an air supply to be used with the conveyor. There also isn’t a need for the accessories needed to accompany the air lines. This will greatly reduce operations cost because there won’t be maintenance on the lines either.

Longer Runs

Narrow belt accumulation conveyors support longer conveyor runs because the drive has less belt to pull. The belt is only 45 mm wide. Since there is less belt to pull, the drive can pull the belt over a greater distance. The longer runs mean fewer drives for the conveyor system. A cost savings for the customer.

Longer Sections

The NBEZ is built with 12-foot channel beds. The longer channels mean fewer individual bed sections to order to meet your overall conveyor length. It also calls for fewer supports to be used.

EZLogic® Incorporated

Hytrol’s zero-pressure accumulation controls, EZLogic®, integrates easily with the NBEZ. There is no need to purchase a programmable logic controller to manage accumulation. Hytrol’s EZLogic can do it, and it comes installed on the conveyor.

Rollers Set Low Design

The NBEZ accumulator is designed with the rollers set low as standard. That means the accumulation kit ships installed, and there is a built-in guardrail that is sufficient in most floor or mezzanine supported applications. This helps reduce installation costs because the conveyor ships factory ready, rather than assembly required. More detailed information on the benefits of a rollers set low design can be found here.

The NBEZ is a reliable conveyor that offers great cost-saving benefits. Find out more about the NBEZ by contacting a Hytrol integration partner.

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