How the NBEZ is Changing the Game in Conveyor Maintenance

This is the second of a 3-part series on the NBEZ narrow belt accumulator. Take a look at the previous blog using this link.  

With the purchase of a new conveyor comes the consideration of the maintenance required, and sometimes it can be substantial. Enter the NBEZ. Hytrol’s latest conveyor is the first all-electric narrow belt accumulator on the market. That means that there are no pneumatics controlling the accumulation. This innovative conveyor has many benefits, and we will take an in-depth look at these in this three-part blog series.

Tension IndicatorSpring Take Up Indicator

The channel of the NBEZ has a clear window built-in so the operator can view if the belt tension is sufficient. If the spring take-up indicator shows in the yellow section, the belt is loose. The red section means it’s too tight, and the black section indicates the belt is tensioned properly. No more stopping operations and removing rollers to check the belt tension. Just walk by the conveyor, and peek through the window. It’s that easy, and there is not a stop in operation. The tension can even be easily adjusted without interrupting operations.

Plug and Go Modules

The drive and brake modules are designed to be tool-free. They snap into place and are ready to go. There’s no time wasted screwing or bolting the apparatus to the channel.

Magnet Usage

The modules used by the belt for drive and braking employ magnets for starting and stopping the conveyor. There aren’t any air pucks or pneumatic cylinders to wear out and require replacement. When communicating with EZLogic®, they engage either the brake or drive. Fewer moving parts means less parts to wear out and less downtime replacing them.

Easily Repaired Belt

The NBEZ was designed with an innovative belt wrap for the drive pulley. Hytrol engineers evaluated the belt material and designed a back wrap for the drive pulley. That means the belt doesn’t loop around the pulley. Even more important, if the belt needs to be replaced, you don’t have to remove the drive pulley to do it. So, there’s less time the conveyor is down.

No Air to Maintain

Since the accumulation is controlled by electricity, there are no pneumatic issues. No more dealing with the air supply, air regulators, air supply lines, or air compressors, which means less for you to worry about.

The NBEZ continues to amaze with its numerous benefits that are not only cost-effective but also provide improved maintenance operations. Find out more about the NBEZ by contacting your local Hytrol integration partner.

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