The NBEZ Simplifies Warehouse Operations with its Industry-First Design

This is the last of a 3-part series on the NBEZ narrow belt accumulator. Take a look at how the NBEZ wins with its installation and maintenance benefits.

The all-electric narrow belt accumulator released by Hytrol has maintenance and installation benefits that make it the answer for accumulation. Benefits in operation rounds out our three-part series highlighting the many advantages of the NBEZ.

Lower Energy Rates

The innovative design does not include pneumatics to stop packages during accumulation. That means all of the accessories needed for the air supply lines aren’t there either. This leads to a reduction in energy use at the facility because less electricity is used to power the NBEZ compared to operating a conveyor with pneumatics.

One motor on the NBEZ can drive up to 300 feet because the belt is 45 mm wide and there is less belt to pull compared to a full belt conveyor. The longer drive runs mean fewer drives using power.

No Wear Drive Assembly Modules

Hytrol engineers designed the NBEZ to utilize magnets for driving and braking. The magnets engage or disengage the belt and rollers to create flow or accumulate product. Unlike other narrow belt drive conveyors on the market, the magnets have no pneumatic components to wear out. They should not need to be replaced due to wear.

Easily Adjusted Zone Lengths

The accumulation zone length is easily adjusted by moving the electrical connections to the drive assembly modules. It is a very simple operation and does not require the use of tools. Additionally, the ease of changing zones reduces the system’s downtime during routine maintenance.

Hytrol engineers planned the company’s first narrow belt accumulator to be a gamechanger. That is exactly what the NBEZ is. The patented design is the industry’s first all-electric narrow belt accumulator provides an abundance of benefits for not only your operations, but also for installation and maintenance. You can find out more about the NBEZ by contacting your local integration partner.

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