Create a Great Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Omnichannel is here to stay: it's a goal in every industry, creating a seamless experience in every customer interaction.

Create an omni-channel customer experienceOmnichannel is here to stay: it’s a goal in every industry, creating a seamless experience in every customer interaction.

But it’s also more than just a buzzword. A truly integrated environment is more than just the same color scheme and pricing; it’s about the customer. To create the ultimate experience, you have to be more than tech-savvy—you have to be people savvy.

Create a customer-focused company culture

Do you know your company’s vision? More importantly, do all of your employees know and buy into that vision? All behaviors at the support and sales ends of your company have roots in the employee experience. To ensure you have a company truth that is homogenous throughout your workplace, you need to:

Communicate the values. Every employee should know their purpose and how they affect each part of the process. If they don’t know what they’re buying into, then you can’t expect them to buy into it!

Hire for values. It’s easier to develop a better skill-set than it is to develop a better attitude. Keep that in mind when any potential hires walk through the door. If they aren’t going to buy into your company and you don’t think they’ll be the right fit for your culture, you’re better off waiting for that great fit who is excited about what they can bring to the table.

Live the values visibly. Once your employees know the company values, create a culture of trust and transparency through your leadership team. When the leadership team leads by those beliefs, confidence in them will soar.

Empower your employees

Customers have more choices to experience your company than ever before. From a phone call to your Facebook page, your brand is on display. When your employees in each area of your company know your company values, they will shine.

At the factory level, an empowered employee consistently looks for process improvements. By leaning out the process, they’re able to give the customer the most value possible at the highest quality possible. At the customer care level, an empowered employee creates proactive solutions to any problems they’re faced with.

Unify your channels and measurements

Your customers are moving from channel to channel; it’s time to start tracking. When a customer interacts first with an email and second with a phone call, every employee should be able to track that movement. This will allow you to interact with each individual in the best way possible. Centralized databases will help you track this and create the best process for engagement.

Now that everyone knows how to interact, start measuring what’s working and what’s not. Measurements should be based off of the customer and constantly reevaluated for even better results. As consumer preferences change, your measurements will change as well.

Why connection is key

Omnichannel solutions put the customer first, naturally driving engagement through personalization. Connecting processes and measurements to your ultimate values will create a better experience for everyone involved. Make sure omnichannel isn’t just another buzzword in your company: build your experience from the ground up.

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