A family dairy farm had already made the leap into the juice and beverage industry. In 2004, Hytrol and its integration partner helped them transition into the role of a major distributor for beverages across the United States.
Founded in 1939, Arcadia Farms began as a first generation dairy business located in Arden, North Carolina. Since then, they’ve grown into a major brand which provides a wide variety of non-carbonated juices, drinks, and teas to companies across the country. Their 200,000 square foot automated facility supplies these goods to club, drug, foodservice, mass, and wholesale channels. 
"Our current customer list is a pretty broad array," said Jim Arthur, Arcadia VP of Operations. "Some of these companies that we serve employ hundreds of thousands of people. They’re the largest companies in the world."
In 2004, Arcadia was looking for a way to decrease fork truck traffic while increasing efficiency. Hytrol and the integration partner developed a solution by utilizing palletizing equipment: accumulation, transportation, and turntables.

 Arcadia Farms Relationship Focus"Our first system that we had put in took us from approximately six people on a line down to three," said James Ward,  Arcadia Plant Manager. "We went from 8000 gallons of product to 16 and 20,000 overnight pretty much once we had installed the system."
By focusing on the needs of Arcadia Farms, Hytrol and the integration partner were able to design the most efficient system for the customer’s growing business. 
A primary concern for Arcadia Farms was to maximize its space to increase productivity. Hytrol and the integration partner created a multi-level system. The unique solution uses a filling operation for individual products, which are transported to a case pack as finished goods. Quality is consistently checked.

Arcadia Farms Relationship Focus"We have four lines that are producing at a pretty rapid pace," said Arthur. "The design and the flow and the programming between the exit of the palletizer to the exit into the warehouse is phenomenal."
Gaps are pulled as the finished goods travel to the second level on Hytrol conveyor. Three lines transport cartons on Hytrol's minimum-pressure accumulation conveyor, while the fourth line uses E24EZ zero-pressure conveyor to accumulate packaged cases.
Arthur said, "Another benefit is the ability for us to use vertical space as opposed to being on the floor. We were able to hang a lot of the conveyors from the ceilings, which made use of a lot of space that we weren’t using before."
Cartons and cases are then palletized and lowered to chain transfers. Zero-pressure CREZD chain-driven live rollers accumulate before singulating the pallets to automated stretch wrappers. Pallets are then transported for pickup.
Hytrol and the Integration Partner maximized Arcadia's space, using a multi-level system to transport and palletize the finished goods. An important part of this solution is the use of the E24EZ on the second level. 
The goal for Hytrol and the integration partner is to design, develop, and implement turnkey solutions that provide optimal results for the customer. As Arcadia has been awarded more distribution center opportunities, the company has added to its solution by working with Hytrol and the integration partner on three additional projects. The material handling system allows Arcadia Farms the ability to achieve higher throughput, while creating an optimal experience for their customers. 
"The integration partner and Hytrol helped us achieve what we really needed to achieve, which was to produce quickly, and move product with large weights in a durable fashion to other parts of our facility, very quickly," said Arthur. "We go from three to 13, and now we’re serving 42 different DCs across the United States from this one facility—it's nothing that we could never have imagined 75 years ago when we started the company, but we were able to do it with our partners—Hytrol and our integration partner."
Arcadia Farms Pallet Handling SolutionArcadia wins customers by creating a relationship based on trust; they found kinship in the American-based Hytrol and the integration partner.
"It’s made in America, which is extremely important to us, and it's even made in the south, which was more important to us too," said Arthur. "So, the more local that we could get it, the better. We always look to buy American. We are down-home, I guess is the nomenclature that's used a lot.
"They made us feel like we were community members, and that is extremely important. We were an integral part of their lives and they wanted to serve us. Then the other things are cost and various other variables that come in, but the number one thing is can we trust you, and do we feel comfortable with you as people, first and foremost." - Jim Arthur, VP of Operations
Ward said, "The Integration partner was able to meet all expectations of Arcadia and do 100% guarantee. They have done up and beyond what we had ever asked for."

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