Ask Hytrol: How to Replace the Sweeper Cartridge on the ProSort SS

In this Ask Hytrol, we’ll show you how to replace a sweeper cartridge on a Prosort SS.

Using recommended safety gear and following proper lockout tagout procedures, unplug the power and communication cables from the motor and disconnect the photo eye.

Next, you will remove 4, 3/8 inch bolts that attach the cartridge to the mounting frame. The cartridge is now able to slide out from either side of the frame. Slide it until the cartridge is no longer within its tracks.

Insert the replacement cartridge by sliding it in the tracks above the guide angle brackets. Continue to slide until the mounting holes align.

Use 4, 3/8 inch bolts to fasten the cartridge to the frame. Now, reconnect the photo eye, communication cable and lastly the power cable.

Remove locks and tags to allow the unit to be energized. Once powered, the sweeper will go through a homing sequence. When it is complete, it can resume operations.

You have now replaced the sweeper cartridge on a ProSort SS.

For more maintenance tips and information, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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