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  Today, we’re going to discuss how to properly tension and track a belt on a model ABEZ conveyor.
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>   Founded in 1933 at the end of the prohibition era, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) now serves as the sole distributor for distilled spirits in the state, serving more than 260 liquor stores. Their main facility is located in Portland, Oregon, with 42 full time employees covering two shifts. The Portland operation has expanded three times. First in 1977, again in 2007, and the most recent expansion coming in 2016. This newest venture was their most ambitious yet, as they set their...
  Founded in 1960, SalSon Logistics is a leading third-party logistics company, providing supply chain management solutions for a wide range of companies. Since its inception, SalSon has grown into a multimillion dollar company with locations throughout the eastern United States.   With over 1,000 employees and one million square feet of warehousing space, the 3PL provides an array of services and capabilities, from import and export services to transportation and trucking to warehousing and dis...
  The timing belts in your material handling operation must be properly tensioned in order to run smoothly and efficiently.
  When you order a belt in HEROES, the belt defaults to the shortest length, the narrowest width, and less lacing. Use the following steps to specify the properties of your belt.
A family dairy farm had already made the leap into the juice and beverage industry. In 2004, Hytrol and its integration partner helped them transition into the role of a major distributor for beverages across the United States.   Founded in 1939, Arcadia Farms began as a first generation dairy business located in Arden, North Carolina. Since then, they’ve grown into a major brand which provides a wide variety of non-carbonated juices, drinks, and teas to companies across the country. Their 200,0... began in 1996 with two guys, a stack of avalanche beacons, and a garage in Park City, Utah. Since then, they’ve grown into a major brand with 5 offices across the globe. Their Christiansburg, Virginia location is home to Backcountry’s second distribution center, which serves the Eastern United States. As a premiere online retailer of outdoor goods, Backcountry is focused on delivering an optimal experience for consumers through efficient order fulfillment and expedited delivery. 
  Hytrol’s o-ring transfer includes four DIP switches. For the DIP switch functions, switch 1 is at the top, and the left is the OFF position. Switch 1 sets the rotation direction for the gear reducer shaft. OFF sets the rotation clockwise, and ON sets it counter-clockwise. Switch 2 is the control current limit setting. Set the switch to OFF for low current and ON for high current and faster cycle rates. Note that the ON position will use more power. Switch 3 is not in use at the time of this vi...
  Hytrol’s Extenda Pusher is used to provide 90° sortation with limited space. The speed of the pusher depends on the weight of the product being pushed and can be controlled by adjusting the main pressure regulator. For consistent product weights within 5 pounds, set the pressure at 60 PSI. Place the product on the conveyor, and operate the pusher. If the pusher throws the product or causes it to tumble, decrease the main air pressure by approximately 10 PSI. Also, adjusting flow control valve ...
  Using lock-out tag-out procedures, disconnect the E24™ power supply. Make sure all lights on the E24™ card are off.
Ask Hytrol is our monthly video series focused on specific topics to help you maintain your conveyor system and learn about new technology. In this video, you will learn how to enter CPU shipping information in HEROES/HyCAD.