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In an earlier blog, we discussed the importance of gapping in a material handling system. The conveyors create space between packages to improve throughput and accuracy during sortation. The gaps also make it easier to print and apply labels, to read barcodes, to weigh packages, and to sort packages. Since gappers are an integral part of a system, Hytrol is adding two new gappers to its line of gapping solutions. Meet the Gapper D and Gapper O.
  Gravity conveyors are an excellent material handling solution. They are non-powered and utilize gravity or other external force to move products. These conveyors are one of the most economical solutions to use because they do not have motorized parts, and their versatility and ease has resulted in gravity conveyors becoming the most common conveyor used in the world. With so many varieties of gravity conveyors available, which one is the best fit for your system?
  Gapper conveyors, also known as gapping belt induction conveyors, are a must-have component for your sortation system. The conveyors create a space from the distance of the back of one product to the front of the next to help improve throughput and accuracy during sortation. Gappers utilize slider beds because they offer the most product control and reduce slippage. Having an adequate gap gives packages room to turn during merging and combining. The gaps also allow time to print and apply labe...
LeeSar provides supply chain services to hospital systems throughout Florida. The company was started in 1998 as a partnership between two of these systems as a way to reduce costs for their healthcare supplies. Since that time, LeeSar has grown to include four hospital systems on seven campuses and now employs nearly 500 people. Initial service lines involved low unit of measure medical supplies but over the years expanded to include nuclear pharmacy, compounding pharmacy and the sterilization ...
  We are going to learn how to replace a sweeper cartridge on a Prosort SS. Using recommended safety gear and following proper lockout tagout procedures, unplug the power and communication cables from the motor and disconnect the photo eye.
Sortation conveyors are the piece of the material handling puzzle that helps get the products to the customer. They increase shipping accuracy and efficiency by separating products for better distribution. With so many sortation conveyors available, which one is the ideal solution for your system?
   Today we are going to discuss how to track a belt on a roller or slider bed conveyor. Using recommended safety gear, follow these steps for pre-tracking inspection. Lockout-tagout prior to physical inspection.
Last year was the second-best year in the history of Hytrol, and we believe that 2019 will be our best ever. We are prepared for workforce growth and updates to our production facility in 2019 to accommodate rising demands. It is an exciting time for the material handling industry, and we continue to position ourselves as an industry leader.
It has been a tremendous year, and I look back on it with pride for all that we have accomplished. Hytrol has made substantial advances in technology with our Technology Center and innovative new products. We were also blessed to follow up last year’s record year with two record months. Our founder Tom Loberg once said, “We have the best people in the world.” And I agree because without the dedicated members of the Hytrol Family these accomplishments would not be possible.
The belt on a belted conveyor is essentially the heart of the machine. It must be running for the conveyor to move the product. Just like your heart, you must take care of the conveyor belt to ensure that it stays in top condition and keeps the product moving. This blog will address the importance of proper tension, how to check the belt tension, how to properly tension a conveyor belt, and how to care for a conveyor belt.
      Welcome to Ask Hytrol. Today we are going to discuss squaring a conveyor bed frame using cross bracing.