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David Peacock

David Peacock

David Peacock is the President of Hytrol, and oversees all operations from manufacturing to business development.

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What is the key to success? It can vary from company to company, but for Hytrol it’s a relationship that started more than 50 years ago with our Integration Partner Network.
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2017 was an excellent year for Hytrol, and we expect similar results in 2018. We plan for modest growth this year, which will allow us to focus more on refining the solutions that will increase our capacity and capabilities. Taking advantage of these opportunities, we will create more efficiencies in our processes and new technology that expands our product line.
I’d like to start with the obvious: 2017 has been the best year in Hytrol’s history. That’s not meant to discount any of the successes of the previous years—we certainly wouldn’t have seen the success we achieved this year had it not been for years and years of preparation and hard work. We know that it’s the work that has happened since Hytrol’s founding in 1947 that we build on to create the progress we see today.
It's clear--consumers today are demanding more, thanks in part to the expectations set by e-commerce companies like Amazon. With this online retail growth, parcel companies are feeling the pressure. They are expected to deliver more packages, do so quicker and at an ever-increasing level of efficiency. Material handling manufacturers must address this ongoing growth with parcel customers. Hytrol foresaw this trend and took the steps to prepare and support our integration partners and customers. ...
Time flies when you're making history. That was our motto when Hytrol celebrated its 65th anniversary, and as we enter our 70th year in business, we are taking a moment to reflect on just how true that statement remains today. Hytrol is a company fueled by innovation and relationships. We understand the necessity of both if we are to fulfill the path charted for us by our founder, Tom Loberg.
In many aspects, these are heady days in the material handling industry. Technology is colliding in many areas to create incredible opportunities. Often when this happens, success can appear simple. These conditions can make it easy for many to achieve success in the short term. However, to achieve lasting success as an organization, the ability to balance all aspects of growth is crucial.
According to a survey conducted by PwC regarding innovation, 92 percent of industrial manufacturing executives said innovation is important to future revenue growth. It makes sense—to meet consumer demand in this day and age, businesses must evaluate how to solve problems and generate new capabilities to increase throughput. However, innovation efforts can’t take off without a shared vision or strategic plan. Throwing resources at research and development won’t solve the problem. It is important...
On this blog, I’ve discussed trends in manufacturing, in mentoring, in hiring. The overarching theme for each of these topics can be summed up in one word: change. In every industry, in every generation, and in every market, change is the one constant.  Leadership is no different.  While the principles of leadership remain true throughout time, their application is no less impacted by change than any of these other areas previously discussed. Lean leadership has demonstrated its effective applic...
Is your conveyor company the same company it was last year? If it’s Hytrol, it is. Recently some major players in the material handling industry were acquired through business agreements, and while an acquisition does not spell disaster, it’s always a harbinger of change.  Usually it is a bittersweet moment for those at the company, a period of uncertainty for the customer and the end for the old way of doing business. I have seen and been involved with multiple acquisitions in previous companie...
It’s a tough fact to swallow: the skills gap in manufacturing means that 2 million jobs will potentially go unfulfilled in the next decade in this sector. The solution to this problem can be even tougher for an older generation to face: we need Millennials in our workforce, and we need them now. Let me start by saying that I dislike being categorized as a boomer and suspect many others dislike being categorized by age. Not everyone fits neatly into these categories, but it does offer a framework...
At Hytrol, we create the most advanced material handling solutions in the world, and we couldn't do that without the dedication of each and every employee who walks through these doors.  We also recognize that a manufacturing facility has the potential for a higher rate of accidents than working in an office cubicle. Safety is more than a metric to us— it's a guarantee that we'll get each employee home safely to their families and friends. Taking steps toward your workers’ safety is imperative t...