5 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Sortation Options

Implementing an automated sortation system is an important step in creating an efficient and competitive solution. There are several key factors to consider before deciding what equipment best suits your needs. Whether your goal is to streamline facility processes, prepare for future growth or simply increase throughput, these guidelines will equip you with the tools to select the best sortation solution for your facility.

Factors to Consider:

1. Throughput Requirements

How much product do I need to move through the sorter per hour? per shift? per day?

2. Type of Item

What type of product will I be running through the sorter (i.e. fragile or delicate items)?

3. Spacing Considerations

What is the correct gap and how will it be provided?

4. Pneumatic vs. Electric Sortation

Is compressed air readily available or should an electric solution be evaluated?

5. Additional Throughput Requirements

What level of recirculation will the operation require?

Additional Considerations:

What are the costs vs. benefits of integrating E24™ into my system? DSCF9590

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is E24™.  Simply put, it is a roller conveyor driven by a series of 24-volt motors distributed throughout the conveyor. 24-volt Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are being widely used due to their simplicity and flexibility. Since the drive train is distributed along the conveyor length, a single conveyor can perform multiple functions, including starting and stopping of individual sections, different speeds, and the ability to convey product in both directions.

Until now, service was a major determining factor in selecting MDR equipment. With two standard mounting options and a decentralized drive, Hytrol’s E24™ has been designed to be maintenance friendly. E24™™ also has a life expectancy of 125,000 hours (or 10 years of continuous operation), and its high torque, low RPM motor provides the necessary power to handle those larger products. Because it is designed to work with EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation systems, E24™ allows for multiple accumulation options and greater flexibility within your system. Hytrol’s E24™ has been designed from the ground up to provide the best 24-volt conveyor drive technology in existence.

4 Ways Hytrol Assists with the design, implementation, and maintenance of your system:

With a comprehensive range of design, service and support solutions, our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your system throughout its life. Central to this promise is our commitment to the highest quality equipment delivered by our network of industry experts.

Application Assistance

In the initial phases of the project, our applications team will review the overall design. This includes:

  • Application testing with video*
  • Assessment of energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of operational costs

Concept and Systems Engineering

Using comprehensive drawings and 3D modeling, our engineering team creates as-built conveyor designs for each system. These advantages include:

  • Acknowledgement drawings
  • Increased reliability and visualization with 3D models
  • Customized designs tailored to a specific solution

 Application-Specific Design

Each system is customized to address application-specific needs. Our engineers focus on several key factors when creating the overall solution. Some examples are:

  • Product positioning
  • Expanded temperature ranges
  • Custom guiding devices
  • Space-saving options and unique environments

Field Service and Support

Hytrol’s team of support specialists is dedicated to assisting you after the sale. Equipped with highly trained technicians, we can offer:

  • Parts focused support
  • Start-up assistance
  • On-site system audits
  • Customer specific training
  • Field service and technical support
  • Digital Installation & Maintenance manuals for most standard models

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