Hytrol How-To: Adjust the Pressure Frame on the ABEZ Conveyor

In this Hytrol How-To, you will learn how to adjust the pressure frame on the ABEZ conveyor.

Steps for adjusting the pressure frame on the ABEZ conveyor:

If the drive pressure on your ABEZ conveyor is not functioning properly, you’ll want to check the pressure frame first.

To adjust the pressure frame, make sure that it is up and the air bag is deflated. Then taking two ½ inch wrenches, gently tighten the nut and bolt until the head of the bolt becomes flush with the nut.

This will increase your drive pressure. Please remember that over tightening will weaken the spring, and that doing so will not increase the drive effort any further.

For more maintenance tips and information, please contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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