Ask Hytrol: How to Adjust the Pneumatic Tensioner on the ProSort SC

Today we’re going to talk about how to adjust the pneumatic tensioner on the ProSort SC.

Upon initial installation of your Hytrol ProSort SC or when replacing the belt, you will need to adjust the pneumatic tensioner. We’ll begin by gauging the initial tension. With no air pressure on the tensioner, take up the belt until the unit runs and the drive pulley does not slip when conveying the heaviest load. Be sure to keep the pulley square to the frame.

With the drive turned off, loosen the jam nuts by a distance of ½”. Lock the jam nuts at this location. Starting at 10 psi, increase air pressure until the tensioner strokes ½”. Be sure to measure the gap between the channel and the UHMW block.

The tensioner will now have 2” of additional stroke and ½” of relief. Over time, you may need to reset the tension. When the tensioner approaches full stroke, the take-up should be adjusted until the tensioner is set at ½” again.

For more maintenance tips and information, contact your Hytrol solutions provider. 

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