Hytrol How-To: Change an Air Bag in the Brake System

In this Hytrol How-To, you will learn how to change an air bag in the brake system on your conveyor.

Begin by taking out the rollers that hold the brake in place and removing the airline connected to the air bag. Once this is done, take two ½” wrenches and dismantle the spring assembly. From here, you can switch out the air bag.

Before reapplying the airline, snip it to reveal a fresh end. Then, as you insert it on the air bag, make sure it is placed through the correct hole in the brake. This is important as it ensures that the spring will not pinch the line while the conveyor is in use.

Next, reconstruct the spring assembly. Start with inserting the spacer and then sliding the bolt through. Place the spring and washer over the bolt, then tighten the bolt until it is flush with the nut.

For more maintenance tips and information, please contact a Hytrol solutions provider.

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