Ask Hytrol: How to Load Chain onto the Connex™ AL Series

Hytrol’s Aluminum Connex™ line has a quiet, modular design and is created for easy installation.

First, observe the chain transport direction. The pivot point of the chain-link should always be leading. The chain runs on the top and bottom of the conveyor beam.

Begin by inserting the chain underneath the drive unit. Track the chain onto the conveyor beam and guide it with the palm of your hand.

At the end of the beam, steer the chain onto the top side. Continue to apply pressure with your hand to keep the chain on track.

Placing one hand on top of the beam and one hand on the bottom, move your hands in opposite directions to push and pull the chain back to the drive unit. Drag the chain all the way to the drive sprocket and make sure the chain is engaged onto it.

Remove the cap on the motor fan to expose the fan wheel. Next, manually advance the chain on the sprocket. Rotate the fan wheel to advance the chain; the chain will connect to the two cogs on the drive wheel. Then, lock the chain underneath with the Connex™ screw clamp. Stretch the chain by again spinning the fan wheel. Note that a longer conveyor will take more stretching than a shorter conveyor.

Now, remove the excess chain. Find the proper link to disassemble. Use polygrip pliers to hold the top flight, and carefully bend it until it unsnaps from the chain body. Pull out the connecting pin to separate the extra chain.

Now, align the end of the chain body to the beginning, ensuring the pivot plug is properly installed with the slot side facing upward. Insert the connecting pin and reassemble the top flight until the chain snaps back into place.

Reassemble the fan cap and remove the Connex™ clamp. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure periodically as chain stretch occurs.

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