Hytrol How-To: E24™ Dip Switch Capabilities

In this Hytrol How-To, you will learn the various functions of the E24™ Dip Switch.

There are four numbered dip switches located on the E24™ motor card. When the switches are aligned on the left, they are in the OFF position. When they are aligned on the right, they are in the ON position. All four switches are read-only at power up, which means any changes to the switches will not work until the power is cycled to the E24™ system.

The first switch is the motor rotation selector switch, which determines the ‘forward’ motion of product. When this switch is in the ON position the motor will run in a clockwise motion. To reverse the flow of product on the conveyor, move the switch to the left, or OFF position, and then cycle the power to the E24™ system.

The second switch is the input selector switch. When the switch is positioned to the left, inputs are negative. When the switch is on the right, inputs are positive.

The third switch is the dynamic breaking switch. When it is OFF, the motor will instantly stop, eliminating any product drift. When this switch is ON, the motor will coast to a stop, allowing the product to drift after the conveyor has been shut off.

The fourth switch is the amperage switch. When in the left position it provides a 1.5 amp and when in the right position it provides a 3.0 amp.

Also located on the E24™ motor card beside the dip switch is the speed pot, which controls the speed of an individual E24™ motor. Turning it clockwise will increase the speed while counterclockwise decreases the speed.

For more maintenance tips and information, please contact a Hytrol solutions provider.

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