Ask Hytrol: DIP Switches and Pin Functions for the Electric Lift

Hytrol’s o-ring transfer includes four DIP switches. For the DIP switch functions, switch 1 is at the top, and the left is the OFF position.

Switch 1 sets the rotation direction for the gear reducer shaft. OFF sets the rotation clockwise, and ON sets it counter-clockwise.

Switch 2 is the control current limit setting. Set the switch to OFF for low current and ON for high current and faster cycle rates. Note that the ON position will use more power.

Switch 3 is not in use at the time of this video.

Switch 4 sets the mode of operation; OFF is for calibration mode while ON is for normal operation.

Pins for I/O functions run left to right, where Pin 1 is the leftmost.

Pin 1 is for the RUN1 input; the lift moves to the UP position when the RUN1 signal goes from Low to High. The lift moves to the DOWN position when the RUN1 signal goes from High to Low.

Pin 2 is the UP output. High indicates the lift is in the UP position.

Pin 3 is the DOWN output. High indicates the lift is in the DOWN position.

Pin 4 is the TRANSFER RUN output; this signal is used to tell the Transfer Control Card to run.

Pin 5 is the NO FAULT output, which indicates that there is no control fault.

Pin 6 is the GROUND power supply connection for use with external wiring.

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