Ask Hytrol: How to Properly Set the Speed on the E24i™ Motor

In today’s Ask Hytrol video, we’re going to demonstrate how to set the speed using the dip switches on the E24i™ motor.  There are six numbered dip switches located on the E24i motor. When the dip switches are aligned on the right, they are in the ON position. When they are aligned on the left, they are in the OFF position. Switches 1 and 2 are read only at power up, which means any changes to the switches will not work until the power is cycled to the E24i™.

Switch 1 is the motor rotation selector switch, which determines the “forward” motion of the product. When this switch is in the ON position, the motor will run in a clockwise motion. To reverse the flow of product on the conveyor, move the switch to the left, or OFF position, and then cycle the power to the E24i™.

Switch 2 is the dynamic braking switch. When the switch is in the OFF position, the dynamic motor rotation will stop abruptly when the motor is turned off. When the switch is in the ON position, the motor will coast to a stop when it is turned off.

Switches 3 through 6 are speed control switches. Refer to the dip switch settings on the motor for information on various speeds. When using E24™ in conjunction with EZLogic®, attach the 3-pin solenoid cable by aligning the pins and carefully applying pressure to secure the connection. Please note that rotating the 3-pin solenoid cable to the left or right may damage the pins on the E24™ motor.

Now, you should be able to set the speed using dip switches on the E24i™ motor. For more maintenance tips and information, please contact a Hytrol solutions provider.

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