Ask Hytrol: How to Calibrate the Electric Lift

This calibration requires the use of the DIP switch functions. If you would like to review these functions, please watch our earlier video in which we summarize them.

First, set switch 1 to your desired gear-reducer shaft rotation. Then, set switch 4 to the OFF position to select the calibration mode.

Now, apply power; the amber LED will be on, which indicates that the electric lift is in calibration mode. Remember that any dip switch changes will not take effect until the power is cycled.

Use the Jog momentary push-button located on the right side of the 3-position motor connector to make at least one complete revolution of the output shaft before completing the next step. The motor runs while Jog is pressed.

Use the Jog to put the lift in its UP position. In this position the shaft is aligned so that it is mechanically locked. This reduces stress on the motor. Now, once the lift is in its UP position, press the Mark switch located to the left of the 3-position motor winding connector to set this position. Upon releasing the Mark switch, the amber LED will flash once to indicate that the UP position has been set successfully.

Use Jog to move the lift to its DOWN position. Once the lift is in that position, press Mark to set it. Upon releasing the Mark switch the amber LED will flash twice to indicate the DOWN position has been set successfully.

When the calibration data has been stored, the amber LED will flash 3 times to note that the position information has been stored in the control’s memory.

Now, power down and move DIP switch 4 to the ON position for normal control operation. Reapply power to the system. You may test the operation by holding the Jog button.

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