Ask Hytrol: How to Change Belt on SBC Model Curve

Welcome to Ask Hytrol. Today, we will demonstrate how to change the belt on the SBC belted curve conveyor.

First, perform lockout-tagout procedures.

Next, remove the belt guide guard and then remove the outer Lexan cover. Loosen the outside 4-bolt flange bearing on the infeed end. Then, loosen the outside take-up or jack bolt. Loosen both top and bottom belt guide clamps on the outside just enough to get the beaded profile of the belt over the bearings.

Next, remove the end guard side plates and then loosen the slide-down end guards on both ends. Remove the flange bearing shield covers on both inside bearings.  Remove both bed brace angles that braces the pulley to the inside channel. Then remove the inside channel. Loosen the infeed bearing support plate and slide the pulley inward.  You can now remove the belt.

When re-installing the belt and maneuvering the belt around the pulleys make sure the belt slides over the return rollers mounted on the inside center of the curve.  Make sure the bead on the belt hangs over the end of the pulleys on both ends. Make sure the bead is inserted into each belt guide clamp on the top and bottom before tightening clamps.

After tightening the belt and installing the inside channel and all other components make sure all bearings and set screws are tight.

You have successfully changed the belt on the SBC belted curve. Thank you for joining us in this Ask Hytrol.

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