Ask Hytrol: How to Track a Belt

In this Ask Hytrol, we are going to discuss how to track a belt on a roller or slider bed conveyor.
With the conveyor running, begin by loosening the set of bolts nearest to the tail pulley. This will loosen the snub roller. Then, depending on the direction the belt needs to go, tap the bolts in the corresponding direction. 

So, for example, if the belt needs to move left, tap the bolt on the left side. Within seven revolutions of the belt, it should begin to move toward the center of the bed. Repeat the previous steps until the belt is within a quarter-inch of the center of the tail pulley. 

On a longer conveyor unit, adjustment of a second snub roller may be necessary. While the second snub roller has less authority, it will still aid in centering the belt.

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