Ask Hytrol: Importing a Parts Order from an .h4i File

Importing a spare parts order into HEROES allows for electronic tracking for spare parts orders and removes the possibility of order duplication. Let’s talk about how to import this list from HyNet.

After you’ve logged into HyNet, click “Spare Parts” on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter the order information and click “Get Spare Parts.” You’ll be prompted with a dialog box allowing you to select the correct order. Click “Select” on the appropriate order. You’ll now have options for saving as “HEROES order”, or an Excel worksheet with or without pricing. Select “HEROES order” and you’ll be able to save the file as an h4i parts order file to the directory of your choice.

Once the file is saved, open HEROES and click “Import Parts Order (.h4i).” Find the saved .h4i file, select it and click “Open.” You will now have a parts order added to your HEROES project. You may also right-click on “parts,” and select “group parts by lead time” to view your parts order divided up by lead times.

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