Ask Hytrol: How to Replace the Belt on the ProSort MRT

In today’s Ask Hytrol video, we’re going to discuss how to replace a belt on the ProSort MRT.

This task is recommended for two people. So before you get started, have someone assist you with the following steps:

Following proper lock-out tag-out procedures, begin by removing the four bolts holding the wear strip support channel in place. Slide the channel toward the discharge end of the conveyor until it pulls free from the wear strip, then pull off to either side of the conveyor.

With the exposed pulley in view, remove the angle holding the 1 3/8” rollers in place. Remove these rollers.

Next, remove the bearing support channel and bearing opposite of the drive motor by loosening the bearing set screws and removing the hardware securing the support channel to the frame. You’re now able to remove the support channel and bearing.

If the belt to be replaced is still on the conveyor and in any position other than nearest the side you are working on, cut and remove the damaged belt. Then, shift the remaining belts over to allow the new belt to be installed on the outside.

Now, thread the new belt around the pulley. Unroll the belt while inserting it into the bottom cut-out of the bed spacer and into the belt guide at the top. The green conveying surface should be facing up. Continue inserting the belt from the discharge to the infeed, making sure the belt doesn’t become twisted in the process.

On the infeed end, remove the bolt attaching the belt guard to the infeed idler weldment. Then, loosen the bolt holding the top idler to the belt guard. This will allow the guard to pivot, making room for the belt to be wrapped around the top idler and over the bottom idler. Replace and tighten the bolts holding the belt guard and top idler.

Next, reattach the bearing support channel with the bearing, making sure to tighten the set screws in the bearing. Assemble the rollers along with the top angle, followed by the wear strip support channel.

Finally, go to the pneumatic take-up near the discharge end and thread the belt through the take-up. An access panel is provided on the side of the take-up.

You have successfully replaced a belt on the ProSort MRT. For more maintenance tips, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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