Ask Hytrol: How to Replace a Drop-In Pulley

Today, we’re going to demonstrate how simple it is to replace a drop-in pulley. With its quick-change capabilities, this pulley’s drop-in design allows for minimal downtime on the production floor. This style of pulley can be found on the induction units of models ProSort 100, ProSort 400, before and after the divert buckets on the ProSort SC, and on the model Gapper.

Here’s how to replace a drop-in pulley:

Following proper lock-out tag-out procedures, begin loosening the belt’s tension. Once all tension is removed, pull the belt’s slack to the end of the pulley that’s being replaced. Lift the pulley out of its slot and slide it out of the frame. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove the lacing pin. Then, place your new drop-in pulley inside the belt and drop into the slot. Retension the belt as needed. Please note that some models may require removing additional components, such as a nip point guard, before replacing your pulley.

You have successfully replaced a drop-in pulley. For more maintenance tips, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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