Ask Hytrol: How to Set Up and Install I/O Boards in an IOP

Ask Hytrol is our monthly video series focused on specific topics to help you maintain your conveyor system and learn about new technology. In this video, you will learn how to set up and install I/O boards in an IOP.

Start by enabling the IOP jumper, which is located on the side nearest to the power switch. To do this, remove the cover from the first pin and secure it over both pins. This will enable the IOP hub.

The I/O board is equipped with two inputs or outputs, which are selectable by the switches located at the bottom of the board. If the switch is pointed toward the terminal, the input function is activated and will be indicated by a green light on the back of the I/O board. If the switch is pointed away from the terminal, the output function is activated and will be indicated by a red light. Please note that the lights will only serve as an indicator once power has been applied to the IOP.

The wiring terminal block is removable and equipped with screw terminals for easier wiring. The first two terminals on the left — A1 and A2 — correspond with switch number one. The second two terminals on the right — B1 and B2 — correspond with switch number two.

To install the I/O board, insert it into one of the four available slots and push until it clicks. The slots will hold up to four cards, which allows for up to eight inputs or outputs. The first two slots correspond to I/O switches 1 through 4, respectively. The second two slots require the I/O board to be inverted and correspond to IO switches 5 through 8, respectively.

When configuring an I/O board, it is important that all switches and wiring be in the proper location prior to applying power to the IOP. 

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  1. I/O board has 2 Odd (A1 & A2 )and 2 Odd (B1 & B2) terminals. I’d like to use them as Inputs. Pulled switch to the “Input” configuration side. How do I wire my circuits: A1>”external relay dry contact”>A2? or just input external 24VDC to A1? (or to both – A1+A2?) thank you

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