Ask Hytrol: How to Upgrade the Switch on the ProSort 100

In the latest Ask Hytrol, we’re going to discuss how to upgrade the ProSort 100’s divert switch to the latest configuration. Following proper lock-out tag-out procedures, remove the divert from the unit. Detach the locknut from the vibration mount holding the cylinder mount to the switch plate. Remove the locknuts above the rod end so that the actuator assembly can be pulled out. Unplug the two green airlines. Discard the rubber bushing and mounting angle from the cylinder’s end.

Apply a drop of thread locker to the new stud and install it in the cylinder. This should be done early in the process so the thread locker has time to cure.

Remove the nylon nut on the bottom of the bearing block so the pivot bracket and block assembly can be extracted. With these components in hand, remove the golden stud and place a star washer behind the head of the bolt.

Tighten the bolt back to the pivot bracket, torqueing it to 225 in. lbs. Take out the bearing block on the bottom of the switch plate. Replace it with the updated bearing block.

Remount the pivot block assembly on the bearing block. Add an additional star washer to the golden stud.

Add the first new fine thread nut to the golden stud and torque it to 225 in. lbs. Replace the two “short” air fittings on the cylinder with the elongated version. Snip used ends off of the airlines and reconnect them to the cylinder’s left and right fittings, respectively.

Place the rod end back on the golden stud, and add the second grade 8 nut to the top of the rod end on the golden stud. Torque the top nut to 225 in. lbs. Put the inside bushing on the stud against the cylinder, ensuring that the square end points into the bracket and not the cylinder. Place the outside bushing with the same method, checking that the square end points into the bracket.

Install the flat washer and nut to the outside bushing. This should be tightened to the point where the washer begins to press itself back into the rubber bushing. Do NOT over tighten.

Pull the stud from the vibration mount back through the plate and bracket. Install the new thin locknut onto the stud. With the bracket and cylinder placed parallel to the switch plate edge, drill a ¼ hole through the bracket into the switch plate. Use caution with this step. Avoid contact with the drill bit and bushing to prevent damage to the rubber.

Install a bolt and nut in this hole to ensure the bracket will not move under heavy use and multiple actuation. Realign the pivot bracket to the divert block via the neck of the cylinder arm. After adjustment, be sure to jam the nut and rod end back together.

Remove the smart prox from the prox bracket. Add the two large star washers to each side of the prox and prox bracket and reinstall the two prox nuts, jamming them tight against the washers. The prox should be adjusted to 3/32″ inside of the prox block so that the face can accurately read the shoe pins.

Replace any damaged or worn components that were not involved with the upgrade. Once finished, go back through all of the switch’s components, checking the alignment and tightness.

You have successfully upgraded a ProSort 100’s divert switch to the latest configuration. For more maintenance tips, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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