Best Conveying Solutions: Parcel

The parcel industry is constantly growing, the volume is expected to reach 400 billion by 2024. As the demand for ground-based and overnight deliveries increases, this industry needs to stay up to date with the latest and most efficient equipment. When thinking about investing in this equipment it is important to know what solutions work for the unique design and characteristic of parcel shipment.

Postal and parcel carriers’ facilities operate on a critical timeline and need diverse solutions to fit the needs of small to large parcel sizes. Lowering the cost of one-day delivery, promising shorter shipping times, and guaranteeing delivery, are a few ways the parcel industry is changing the last mile. It is crucial for facilities to have conveyors that are needed specifically for parcels and designed to meet those needs.

Conveying Selection

When handling packages in bulk, it is imperative that the conveyor is robust and designed to handle massive product loads efficiently. Belt conveyors offer the best solutions for bulk handling. These conveyors easily transport parcels to manual sort locations or to automated sorting. Belt conveyors offer secure and sturdy movement which minimizes catch points which increases load capacity.

When singulation and accuracy of product placement is important, roller conveyors can be used. Rollers should be placed close together to ensure adequate and smooth transportation of products. To ensure accurate product orientation around curves, tight-centered, tapered rollers or belt curves are your best options.

Sortation Equipment Selection

Accurate and quick sortation is important in any parcel facility. Determining the right sortation solution to fit the rates and footprint of the facility often is the most important decision.

Different types of facilities require different specifications. You need to know what kind of regulations your facility needs and choose from that. From manual to automated sort facilities, you must plan for the rates required and implement the conveying solution appropriate for that application. Manual sort facilities require less building space but are labor-intensive. Where you may have more personnel hand sorting, you will not need to absorb the cost of singulating, gapping, or the controls that are required. While automated solutions may require less labor, you will also need more space and invest more upfront to implement such a system. This decision is often the most important investment decision you’ll make.

Important Factors

Scanning tunnels need to be fast and reliable, without this key component, the rest of the sortation could fall flat. Controlled gapping is a vital component when scanning. Gapping products should work seamlessly, when feeding conveyor, and the sortation product being used, to create the same steady flow of material at high rates.

The ability of your system to achieve high speeds needed for your parcel facility is key. To keep your facility continuously running, choosing products that offer easy and fast repair and maintenance is critical. Noise can increase at higher speeds too. Being constantly around loud noises could harm your employees’ hearing, so look for products that lower noise output.


The parcel industry will continue to steadily grow and has become a key industry. Hytrol is constantly improving and creating solutions specifically designed for the parcel industry. We are dedicated to helping you find the right conveyor and products that work for your needs. Get started by talking with a Hytrol Integration Partner near you.

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