Conveyance in a Socially Distant World

In our current social distancing environment processes and procedures have changed dramatically, but that doesn’t mean businesses are left at a dead-end when it comes to keeping employees safe while also serving their clients. We believe that to be the case as well.

So, while we didn’t specifically design our conveyors to help stop the spread of a pandemic, there are obvious advantages to our automated material handling solutions that end up serving the greater good.

Before diving into those options it’s important to note that CDC requirements for slowing the spread of the coronavirus are ever-changing and should be reviewed periodically.

Hytrol has available solutions to leverage and integrate packaged automation and control. These solutions provide operators with remote diagnostics and operational insights. Here is a list of a few products with such features that Hytrol can provide:

  • E24EZ – This 24-volt conveyor allows products to be moved between work stations or throughout a facility with little to no human interaction. This is accomplished with the added capability of EZLogic® and EZLogic OS so you can easily implement and configure onboard control configurations related to product accumulation from your smartphone or other mobile devices.
  • ProSort SS – This sweep sorter is a great option to automate the sorting of small items into bins and totes. This would eliminate the need for long pick lines where personnel might not be able to maintain a distance of 6-feet or more. It is also very versatile and can us a wide variety of belted conveyance products.

Together with innovative solutions and knowledgeable conveyor specialists we can automate many manual processes to keep everyone safe while also staying committed to our customers. At the end of the day, we’re all striving to move forward through these challenging times. Work with a Hytrol Integration Partner to get started moving the world again, safely.

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