David Peacock: Hytrol’s 2022 Outlook

The challenges we faced in 2021 provided us an opportunity. This has been an opportunity to strategize and problem-solve with more creativity in order to satisfy our commitment to our customers. We looked for ways to maneuver around the global supply chain crisis to get customers their products, and have been successful in doing so with your help.

The result of this year is that we have become even more resilient. Our Integration Partnership Network helped us reach new levels and for that, we are exceptionally grateful. We thank them for their patience, support, and encouragement as we navigated the uncertainties of 2021 together. Looking ahead to 2022, we are even more eager for new opportunities to achieve success with our employees, our partners, and our customers.

One of our main focuses in 2022 is to be precise. What does that precision look like? In terms of our products and shipping:

  • Project Phoenix: Our work on this project will yield a better standardization of core components and accessories to increase the velocity of products through our engineering and production operations. It will simplify installation and will benefit end users with maintainability and the management of spare parts. Much more will be communicated about this project as we move forward.
  • Preferred Delivery Program: Introduced in 2021, this program is our path to build on a legacy of offering faster delivery on products than any other major conveyor company. We will continue to nurture and expand that program to meet the need for rapid deployment of labor-saving material handling systems.
  • Shipments Increasing: We expect our shipments to increase by slightly more than 40% in 2022 over 2021. Much of this comes from our Fort Smith facility producing at fully capacity.
  • Shorter Lead Times: Though we found better success with on-time shipping, our lead times were unfortunately extended. We value the feedback we have received and are working very hard to overcome the incredible disruption to the global supply chain. We will continue those efforts to shorten lead times. Our capacity growth with Fort Smith has helped greatly. We are not content with the improvements made and continue to work to improve every day!

In the new year, we will also celebrate a milestone, we are honored to be commemorating 75 years in business. Early on our founder, Tom Loberg, knew he wanted Hytrol focused on design and manufacturing and to partner with other businesses to bring his innovations to market. As important as it was then, the Hytrol Integration Partner Network continues to provide an advantage that other companies do not have. Some of our partners have been with us since the beginning while others have joined us through the years. Every partnership is special to us and again we thank them for helping us thrive for seven and a half decades. We want to thank our IPs again for being such an integral part of our Hytrol Family! 

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  1. David what a great update about your great Company. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for 2022. The State of Arkansas and to be more specific, Jonesboro and Fort Smith, are so fortunate to have your great company as a member of our Cities. Your expectations are amazing and the opportunities we have faced the last two years will undoubtedly shape the “new normal”, whenever that may come. The celebration of your great milestone is a wonderful achievement and a tribute to great leadership, with vision, tenacity, and focus. Thanks for being in our Communities and thanks for your great company and leadership

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