Drag Chain, The Heavy Lifters of Conveyors

Heavy-duty products call for heavy-duty equipment. When you look around your facility do you see large pallets filled with steel or drums of oil? In order to move these products easily and safely consider adding a drag chain conveyor to your system.

What are they? 

Drag chain conveyors are designed to handle pallets and other larger loads. This product consists of strands of power chains designed to directly support the material being conveyed. They are configured as straight only.  Ninety-degree transfers are available.

What are they good for?

Drag chain conveyors are good for transporting or handling many different types of products, especially pallets. These conveyors have a load capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. They are low maintenance and can be adapted to fit your space.

When should they be used?

Drag chains should be used in environments that are oily or wet. They can also be beneficial in facilities where temperatures transition from low to high quickly. Drag chain conveyors are used to transport wooden pallets, most footed pallets, drums, and most things that are not suitable to be conveyed on a roller conveyor. Because the product sits on top of the chain, this heavy-duty handler often provides a smoother ride and eliminates pallet drift. This makes the facility safer for employees working in these areas and will lower the possibility of product breakage, saving you time and money.


Hytrol has developed a line of drag chain conveyors that meet the need of those looking for conveyors that can move heavy-duty products. Contact a Hytrol Integration Partner near you to learn more.


  1. Do you make drag chain conveyors for pallets with a width of 65inches? The weight of the pallet with components is 5500-6000lbs.

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