Employee Spotlight: Samantha Levy

Editor’s Note: The Employee Spotlights are monthly blog posts highlighting one of Hytrol’s employees presented in a Q&A style format. We want to showcase how Hytrol’s company culture is fueled by our great employees. If you would like to nominate a Hytrol employee, please email info@hytrol.com with the subject line “Employee Spotlight.”

About Samantha Levy

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I obtained a B.S. in electrical engineering in December 2012 at the University of New Orleans and a M.S. in engineering management from the University of New Orleans in May 2015. I recently relocated to Arbyrd, Missouri, with a population of approximately 500 people.  When I’m not at my desk, I enjoy the outdoors, such as camping, hiking and kayaking. I have recently gotten into gardening and preserving, which has become a new obsession. 

What excites you about working for Hytrol?

At Hytrol, we are part of a team that is literally moving the world. We manufacture conveyors that move products of all types, in all locations, for all purposes. Whether you purchase goods in a store or order something online, there is a good chance that we helped get that product to you in a more efficient manner. Knowing that is pretty exciting.

What are your current responsibilities?

As a quality engineer, I work to ensure every customer receives products and services that are of the highest quality, meet their specifications and exceed their expectations through quality evaluation and control measures. This is accomplished by the development, implementation and maintenance of the following: quality management systems and procedures; product, process, and service design and control; and continuous improvement actions. At the foreground of quality responsibilities is inspiring each individual within Hytrol to go above and beyond to make quality products and services their number one priority.

What do you love about your job?

Working with the quality department gives me the opportunity to interact with every department and process within Hytrol. Often times, people are dedicated to one task and can end up with tunnel vision forgetting to look up and see the big picture and what their work is contributing to the company or even the industry as a whole. In the position I am in, I am able to see and learn all of the process within the company and how they interact with each other to produce great products and move the industry. 

What do you find most challenging in your position?

It is no secret that the quality department at any company can get the reputation of nit-picky, unnecessary, and a downright annoying part of the manufacturing process. Overcoming this unfitting stigma may be challenging, but is something that I enjoy. Being able to work with individuals or department and show them how quality actually helps them and being able to change their view of quality process is a rewarding part of my position.

Complete this statement: When I think of Hytrol, I think of opportunity. 

Hytrol offers so many opportunities and provides each individual with the tools they need for success. Whether you are looking to improve your abilities and thrive in your current position, learn new skills through professional development or hands on experience and advance, or even work to improve the community around you, Hytrol is there to help you along the way.

What goals do you hope to achieve at Hytrol?

Within my time at Hytrol, I hope to be a small part of the reason the company expands and advances, becoming not only an industry leader, but a globally recognized innovator in regard to quality products and services. 

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