Introducing the Gapper D and Gapper O

In an earlier blog, we discussed the importance of gapping in a material handling system. The conveyors create space between packages to improve throughput and accuracy during sortation. The gaps also make it easier to print and apply labels, read barcodes, weigh packages, and sort packages.

Since gappers are an integral part of a system, Hytrol is adding two new gappers to its line of gapping solutions. Meet the Gapper D and Gapper O.

Gapper D

The Gapper D provides blow-through gapping using direct gap ratios. It is designed for feeding sawtooth merges, combiners, sorters, or any other application requiring a gap between packages. It is similar to Hytrol’s current Gapper model but with enhancements.

product_gapping_media_14New features include auto belt tracking, a spring tension take-up indicator, precision bearings, and a one-piece design. Auto belt tracking provides adjustments while the conveyor is operating, reducing the conveyor’s downtime. The spring tension take-up allows you to inspect the correct belt tension by just looking at the indicator. This helps prevent excess wear due to improper belt tension and reduces downtime.  Precision bearings are designed to run at higher speeds and are quieter, have less vibration, and thus a longer life. The new one-piece design consists of the tail units together with the drive unit, unlike the earlier Gapper model where it was bolted together.

Gapper O

The Gapper O has the same features as the Gapper D, but utilizes optimization to create gaps for products with various sizes. Sensors are placed along the conveyor to recognize packages and ensure that gap distances are consistent. The sensors detect the gap size, and the conveyor either speeds up or slows. This effectively re-distributes the gaps between all boxes, or optimizes the gaps providing higher throughput.

Contact a Hytrol integration partner for more information on the Gapper D and O, and how to utilize gapping in your material handling system.

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