Hytrol’s ProSort 1400 LP: A Wide-Range Heavy Lifter

Awkward parcel problems? We can relate. Not everything can fit in a standard box or bag. The ProSort 1400 LP is Hytrol’s solution to items previously deemed non-compatible with conveyance. The LP is unique in its capability to carry large and irregular objects such as furniture, tires, and rugs. Depending upon application, the 1400 LP can convey products weighing up to 350 pounds. The ability to automate heavy items like these saves time, money, and manpower.

Time: The items the LP can sort were previously done manually. That means a person had to physically lift the items to put them in the correct destination. Maintenance also takes up a lot of time. Luckily, the LP comes with a quick change divert assembly design which minimizes sorter downtime and break-away shoes which allow for closer product gapping and safeguard against catastrophic breakdowns. The 1400 LP is also compatible with ProLogix and ProLogix Plus controls. The Plug-N-Go wiring provides simple, quick, and trouble-free installation.

Money: You might be inclined to think that Hytrol’s “Large Parcel” sorter also comes with a large price tag. Yet surprisingly, the LP is less expensive than several other sliding shoe sorters.

Sorter cost index graph

Manpower: Obviously, if the LP can atomate the process of conveying these large/irregular items, that equals less manual labor for an employee to do. Also worth noting is the increased safety for the employees who no longer have to carry things that often prove bulky and awkward.

The LP was developed from Hytrol’s already successful ProSort 1400 model with new slats, shoes, and a reinforced divert specifically designed to provide full coverage and support for those heavy, bulky outliers. The low friction slats help ensure items are easily directed to their intended destinations. And the reinforced divert, available in both 18- and 22-degree angles, provides a smooth transition as products leave the sorter.

Of course, not every product is big, heavy, and awkward—that’s why the LP can also sort items as small as 4” X 6” thanks to the minimal gaps in the anodized overlapping aluminum slats. And bigger doesn’t also have to mean slower, as the LP boasts sort rates of up to 350 fpm dependent upon product and application.

To see the LP in action and witness the wide range of products it can sort check out the video here. Notice how it handles everything from a 200-pound couch to a 4” X 6” box with ease.

To view more information on the ProSort 1400 LP and other sorter options check out Hytrol’s Sortation Portfolio. Or if you are unsure of your exact sortation needs, consult our extensive Sortation White Paper that talks you through how to choose the best option for your business needs.

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