Hytrol’s Road to MODEX

MHI’s MODEX 2022 is quickly approaching, and we at Hytrol are preparing for another successful show. We will be in booth #9411. There you will find our latest material handling innovations and Hytrol experts to discuss them in detail.

We will showcase two of our latest high-speed sorters, our belted curve the SBC, and the quick-to-ship E24MC. We will also have meeting rooms at our booth if you want to discuss further what Hytrol can do for you.

ProSort 1400 LP

The ProSort 1400 LP is an industry solution for large-parcel applications. The sorter handles products as small as 4×6″, such as poly bags and envelopes, but can also sort products up to 55×96″ and weighing 150 pounds—including large, packaged furniture and even large tires. The ProSort 1400 LP sorts these previously unsortable and non-conveyable products at speeds up to 350 feet per minute. It’s already used by some of the largest parcel companies in the world.

The patent-pending heavy slat and breakaway shoe design will create new standards in sortation that eliminate downtime and provide for increasing capabilities within the parcel and e-commerce industries and beyond. By creating a product offering specifically designed with parcel specifications in mind, Hytrol has created a product for state-of-the-art facilities to address congestion challenges and increase productivity.


The E24MC will have a live demonstration at MODEX. This demonstration will show the ready-to-use aspect of the E24MC and how quickly it can be adapted into your facility. The E24MC conveyor systems are commonly used in quick deployment and last-mile distribution centers.

Preferred Delivery Program

Introduced in 2021, the Preferred Delivery Program was created to offer customers a select number of products with a quicker ship option, with more products to be added in the future. We will have a section of the booth dedicated to this program and a team of experts to answer any inquiries.

ProSort 1100 MS

The ProSort 1100 MS is a smaller, high-speed sliding shoe sorter with a breakaway shoe. It is made to handle smaller items and is useful for e-commerce industries. The breakaway shoe allows for positive diverting while offering run-through-jam-condition functionality.

It features dual-sided diverts that can convey 12,000 packages per hour at an estimated speed of 415 feet per minute. Packages are moved to their designated locations with incredible accuracy.

The slats are designed to clean out debris and have an anti-fall-though rib that prevents products from falling into the sorter. This allows products to be sorted at higher rates without risking crashes or requiring shutdowns.


The SBC is a powered belt turn that provides a positive flow of products through a curve. The conveyor is versatile in that it can transport a wide variety of products, and it is available in 45, 60, and 90 degrees.

Visit Hytrol’s booth #9411 and enjoy a cup of coffee and learn how we Lead The Way. MODEX 2022 takes place from March 28-31 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. If you’re attending, schedule a meeting with us, here. We hope to see you there.

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