IPs: The Relationship Hytrol Was Built On

What is the key to success? It can vary from company to company, but for Hytrol it’s a relationship that started more than 50 years ago with our Integration Partner Network.

Integration partners are the only way Hytrol goes to market. These companies are located all over the world, and provide value-added benefits to our customers through their expertise in consultation, design, layout, software, installation, training, and more.

One of the questions we often hear at Hytrol is, “Will you ever sell direct?” Our answer is always an emphatic “NO.” We’re a company that’s founded on relationships. It’s a core tenant of who we are. We’re proud of our relationships with our employees, we’re proud of our relationships with our community, and we’re proud of our relationships with our integration partner network.

Integration partners are more than important to Hytrol. They are the natural extension of our business processes. They function as our sales force, performing those functions seen in high-powered sales teams; they understand their markets, they guide product innovations, and they push us to continuously improve—our products, our quality, and our value. They are able to do this because of their industry-leading expertise and their unmatched ability to connect customer needs to Hytrol’s capabilities.

Our goal at Hytrol is to be the best in the world at what we do: manufacturing innovative solutions that benefit our customers. Our network is full of material handling experts who are the best in the world at implementing those solutions. Time and time again, they have proven themselves with their quality of service. Because we work with more than 100 integration partners, that service is often within miles and minutes of the people who need it.

While they function as our sales force, there’s something unique about the value of the relationship between Hytrol and our integration partners to the customer. Because Hytrol is selective about the integration partners we choose to do business with, our interaction with each other is seamless for our customers, working together to get solutions implemented on time and with promised results. We hear over and over again how Hytrol and our integration partners have worked together to help businesses move into the 21st century, with automated material handling systems that improve their efficiency and bottom line.

Our partners come in different sizes, have differentiating skills, and have different focuses. Some of our integration partners are large organizations with offices around the world; others are focused on a small geographic area in which they’re located. Some are focused on a particular market segment, like parcel or pharmaceutical, while others are generalists in their approach.

We’re thankful to have these relationships, but more than that, we’re proud to have them. It’s why we provide site visits, training seminars, conferences, and other events with our partners throughout the year. It is why our project managers, product engineers, and field technicians stand side-by-side with our integration partners throughout a project. We will continue to invest in this relationship, because we recognize the value that it brings to everyone—Hytrol, our IP network, and most importantly, to our end users.

Our integration partner network started with a handshake. It continues with good faith, expertise, and a relationship model that enhances the lives of people all over the world. It’s the reason we always hear that our network of integration professionals is the standard everyone seeks to emulate.

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