Loberg Day: How We Carry on Tom’s Legacy

July 1st is a special day here at Hytrol. It is a day we reflect on our past, enjoy the present, and imagine our future. It lets us think about our core values and what it truly means to be a part of the Hytrol Family. On the first of July we honor the man who started it all. It is what we have come to know as Loberg Day.

Tom Loberg was born July 1, 1917. He watched as America went to war, persevered through the Great Depression, and contributed to the rise of America’s manufacturing industry by founding his own company. Tom was a man of faith, loved his family, and took pride in every member of the Hytrol Family. On his birthday, we take time to honor him and show others just what Hytrol means to us.

During the week of Loberg Day we deliver small tokens of appreciation to show our thanks to community leaders and businesses around Jonesboro and, most recently, Fort Smith. Tom wanted his company to make a difference in their communities, and we continue to recognize those who help us accomplish this goal.

On Loberg Day, we open tours to our family members and retirees so they can get a glimpse of the everyday happenings of our facility. When you look around, you see everyone in matching t-shirts working alongside each other with a boost of camaraderie in the air.

Our leadership team steps out onto the plant floor and works side-by-side with those who manufacture conveyors daily. It allows us to appreciate and understand the challenges that they face. In addition, these leadership members gain insight from those they are working with and bring back suggestions the team can make happen to make life a little bit easier for those around them.

One of the highlights of Loberg Day is the presentation of the Loberg Award to one hardworking employee who exemplifies Tom’s values. We’ve had five winners of this award since 2017, along with numerous nominations. Each one is nominated by their co-workers and is then chosen by a group that closely holds the values that Tom instilled in us.

Year after year since the first Loberg Day in 2015 we do it because it is what Tom would want. He would want us to open the doors to our family and friends and let them see where we spend a portion of our life. He would want us to break barriers and work alongside each other regardless of our company hierarchy. 

Not only do we have Loberg Day in memory of Tom, but we do it to remind ourselves of our roots as conveyor manufacturers. It takes us back to the culture and heritage we were built on. It allows us to carry on that legacy into the future.

This year’s Loberg Day celebration will be special, as Hytrol is celebrating 75 years in business. There is no better time to honor Tom and Hytrol than now. The once small company he started has become a significant leader in the industry and made an important difference in thousands of people’s lives for over seven decades running, not only for those who work here, but for those who rely on our products. Each year we will continue to carry on Tom’s legacy and promise to lead the way.

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  1. Great read Thank You for sharing this article it is very inspirational. I love working for Hytrol such an Amazing company to work for!! I am so honored to carry on the legacy of Mr.Tom Loberg where we lead the way!!

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